Loans against properties

Mortgaging properties is the best way to monetize the asset for any purpose – personal or business. We provide loans against commercial and residential properties. We offer competitive rates and quick loan approvals.

Loans against securities

Avail loans at great rates against demat shares, mutual fund units, insurance policies, savings bonds, and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

Loans against gold

We provide instant loans against gold – coins, jewellery etc. We also provide loans against sovereign gold bonds, gold exchange traded funds (ETFs) and digital gold products.

Two-wheeler loans

We provide loans for purchase of two-wheeler, new and second-hand.

Unsecured loans for Enterprises

We provide loans for small and medium enterprises for the growth of their business. These are provided without any securities but purely on the basis of their business operations and potential.

Unsecured loans for Individuals

Indians who are above 25 years of age and who are salaried for at least 3 years, can avail personal loans without any security for tenure up to 60 months.