Tech & Fintech

Technology is at the of core of Finkurve’s investment philosophy. At Finkurve, we believe that technology driven ventures will provide the next wave of growth. We have hence invested in technology backed ventures in the field of investments, finance & payments, real estate, mobility, etc. Technology based micro investments in gold and silver, mobile number to mobile number based money transfer systems, smart living solutions for modern homes, ATMs & micro-ATMs, repairs maintenance and sharing solutions for cars, etc. are some of the initiatives by Finkurve.

carcrew is India’s online auto repair marketplace that provides a one-stop shop for all your car related service requirements. People are buying and selling cars online but car maintenance/repair still remains offline and highly inefficient. Carcrew helps you find the best, trusted and the cheapest car workshop in your area that will provide you the highest level of service standardized across all Carcrew network of garages. Carcrew is run by a highly experienced team of professionals and is set to change the entire experience of car maintenance for the owner. A kickass the app will soon be available on Google Play for you to download and enjoy the hassle free experience of servicing your car.
The invention of the motor car can be termed as a quantum leap at the peak of the European Industrial Revolution. However, since the days of Karl Benz, little has been done to disrupt the way cars are bought. We at JustRide are on a mission to transform the way cars are purchased, rented and sold. The concept of car rentals is yet to spread its wings in India. As pioneers in the Indian self drive car rental industry, we believe in the mantra- “Why buy a car, when you can rent one?”

Transport is the backbone of any modern economy. However, rapid motorisation effectuates its own set of issues. While on one hand the burgeoning number of cars on road has become a menace in metros across India, a number of cities suffer from lack of good urban commuting solutions. The concept of car rentals may be simple, but it holds immense potential. Be it the positive impact of rental cars on the environment or reducing the number of cars out on the streets, the shared economy of self drive car rentals is a promising solution to a number of problems plaguing urban India.

Even the most complex of problems has a simple yet elegant solution. At JustRide we don’t just rent cars, we create products which complete the existing ecosystem. We build technology which provides a comprehensive solution to the issue of urban commute by connecting commuters to vendors in the self drive car rental business. Our vision at JustRide is to provide a platform where car owners can engage customers and conduct business seamlessly. We concentrate our efforts on simplifying the process of hiring cars by creating scalable mechanisms to conduct and facilitate transactions while proving an economical mode of transport to all.
Lockated is a Smart App that helps one change their normal lifestyle to Smart Living. With the increasing penetration of mobile phones and the evolution in technology there is a rising demand for smart living. Smart living provides comfort by way of high-tech security, state-of-the-art facilities, energy efficiency, Project/Complex & Home Automation, & convenience of integrating all the shopping on a single platform.
Lockated brings all this and more that can be controlled remotely from outside by a phone or the Internet. It is a modern-day software designed & developed to meet the ends from a contemporary tech-friendly consumer to real estate developers & builders. Lockated proudly makes its offerings relevant to anyone partially or completely in some way or the other, and hence it is One App that all one needs.
It is “All-In-One” App to create a Hi-Tech/Smart/Modern Living with a virtual concierge at your fingertips. We aim at making a lifestyle statement and taking present consumer to smart living modelas compared to a traditional living. Technology is the way forward is what we deeply believe in. Let’s get together and create a change today for a better& brighter tomorrow.
Routofy is a complete Corporate trip planning and booking solution that takes care of entire door-to-door bookings with in-app travel policy compliance and approvals. In addition, it gives complete travel assistance to travelers with latest flight status updates to their cab driver details etc.
With the help of technology, it has the power to replace the manual processes in a company’s travel desk yet provide a much streamlined and faster solution. Thus saving on both time and money.

Salient Features:
1.Complete corporate travel streamlined eliminating time consuming email procedure
2.Everything under one umbrella whether its flights and pickups for executives or buses and cabs for marketing people to travel to interiors
3.From approvals required from supervisors to expense limitations based on employee profile and company policy compliance.
4.What’s more, connect us with your expense/HR software for automatic expense recording.
Imagine being able to pay anyone using any digital payment mode without being constrained by the receiver’s acceptance capability. PayTonic allows you to do just that. At PayTonic, we are at work to bring together disparate, isolated and closed payments networks. To us, the customer is at the center of everything that we do.
Using PayTonic, send money to your friends, family and even your neighbourhood store. All you need to know is their mobile number. As a business owner, you can now accept payments through credit cards, debit cards, net banking and mobile wallets without the need for any device or infrastructure. Just share your mobile number & start accepting payments. You do not even need a smartphone!
Bullion India is one of the products that has been launched by Finkurve Bullion Private Limited (FBPL) to offer the retail customer an opportunity to own gold and silver in small denominations at the lowest price. It provides an online system to its customers to buy and sell gold and silver in a simple, easy and a convenient manner. Further it gives an opportunity to its customers to use the gold and silver bought from Bullion India to shop for coins, bars and jewellery on our website or from any empanelled jeweller across India.

Benefit to Members
1. Bullion India sells the gold and silver at wholesale prices to retail investors making it more affordable.
2. A retail investor can buy as low as 0.1 gm of gold or 1 gm of silver.
3. The gold/silver is stored for free on your behalf in a secured vault which is controlled and monitored by an independent trustee.
4. The option to use the gold/silver for shopping of coins/bars/jewellery online as well as offline.
5. 24/7 access to your online account.
6. No brokerage or fees charged on account opening or on shopping.
7. Finkurve Bullion Private Limited (FBPL) was formed with the objective of promoting SPOT buying and selling of bullion across India. The company plans to launch several bullion-based structured products in near future. Finkurve Bullion Private Limited is promoted by Finkurve Financial Services Limited (FFSL).